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Top 5 Reasons to Vote for Jody Rogish

#5 – I personally had the pleasure of knocking on 3500+ doors in the Tuckahoe District and visiting with many of you. I really enjoy discussing our local community issues with you and look forward to knocking on more doors in the future.


#4 - I have the expertise as a project manager, to develop and execute technology solutions within schools, transportation, public safety, libraries and more.


#3 – I have the educational and practical experience to deliver for the Tuckahoe District. I have a Master’s Degree in Public Policy from Carnegie Mellon University and have worked in both the public and private sector for over 25 years.


#2 - I have 3 kids currently enrolled in public school (from Elementary through High School) making me the only candidate of either party whose family is directly impacted by our school policy decisions.


#1 - I am committed to YOU and all of Team Tuckahoe. This election is not about ME; this election is about all of US.  I am committed to working for all of us in order to benefit the Tuckahoe District and all of Henrico County.

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Jody Rogish runs as the Tuckahoe representative for Henrico County Board of Supervisors

March 1, 2023

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