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What is the
Board of Supervisors?

The Board of Supervisors is the policy-making body for Henrico County.  There are five members elected to four-year terms, one representing each of the County's five magisterial districts. While the day-to-day operations of the County are overseen by the County Manager and his staff, the Board of Supervisors has the final approval authority on budget, planning, and zoning and land use matters. The Board that will be elected on November 7, 2023, will have final approval of the Henrico 2045 Comprehensive Plan currently in development.


Fully funding our schools

It is critical to continue to fully invest in Henrico County Public Schools in support of our teachers and our children's education experience and outcomes. I will work closely with the Henrico County School Board to forge a more robust and collaborative educational future for Henrico's families.

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Maintaining vibrant parks and green spaces

Parks, recreational facilities, and green spaces are crucial to community wellness, and we must continue to invest in them to ensure they are safe, accessible, and well-maintained. My years of experience as Vice President of Tuckahoe Little League have given me an appreciation for the importance of recreational opportunities like baseball and softball and the positive impact they have on our children's physical and mental health. As your Supervisor, I will ensure we invest in our parks and related programs and protect our green spaces, including robust environmental and climate action policy.

Retaining our top-tier work force

My master's degree in public policy and 25+ years of experience working with state agencies provide me with an understanding of the critical importance of our county employees and small businesses to the functioning and well-being of our community.  From teachers to police to public works professionals, we must continue our commitment to county employees and ensure the necessary resources are continuously available. I am also committed to driving initiatives that support our local business owners so Henrico County continues to be a great place to live, work, and visit!


Prioritizing public safety

As Henrico's growth continues, we must ensure that all county citizens are protected through ready access to the police, fire, rescue, and other resources that keep our community safe.

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